Singorama 2.0 Review

Have you even found yourself alone, singing a song ,only to realize a co-worker or family member listening and making fun of your ability, sometime we pretend they don’t bother us, but truth is it hurts and ruins our joy of singing. You may have dreamt that while singing a song with power and expression when people listen to your voice they felt Goosebumps. Hiring a vocal trainer will cost you more and you may not get satisfactory result. Now with a Singorama 2.0 you can train and become a brilliant singer, learning the correct technique is what make all the difference and quickly.

Product Name: Singorama 2.0

Official Website: CLICK HERE

Singorama 2.0 Overview:

If you want to improve your singing vocalisation, with one click you will get Singorama 2.0, a complete guide, online singing courses. Now you can learn corner stones of singing easily by putting aside just 10 minutes a day. You vocal keep getting stronger, more agile with greater control range. It is easy to use system that has been developed to help thousands of people over past 10years.It work for both beginners and experience singers. The cutting edge techniques outlines in this course will transform your voice to heights

Who is behind Singorama 2.0?

Melanie alexander is professional experience vocal coach and experience incredible successes as singer, thought singing carrer,she had recorded 7 albums in that two went platinum and another went gold. And additional she was a member of a famous Australian girl group “Girlfriend” back in the 90S.Together with some friends from the music industry, she created Singorama 2.0.

What do you get?

With Singorama 2.0 you will get plenty of benefits, the course comprises a through vocal coaching provided as downloadable audio tracks. Every lecture is between 12-24 minutes long and saved with theoretical information also because the most essential vocal exercises, the technique will teach you how to breathe and sing well. Easy to use vocal exercises you will experience a metamorphosis in your singing, a new confidence and ability to sing songs

Cutting Edges Techniques:

  • Organic Auto Tune Technique – Easily train your vocal muscles to hit notes perfectly and be in tune every time.
  • The Loaded Sonancy Method – This method teaches you optimum breathing andposture for a singer. You will be able to see how to fully breathe from your entire body and how to ground yourself to produce a fuller sound. If you’ve ever thought your voice sounded thin or weak, these special tips and tricks will give you that powerful
  • Progressive Interval training for singers – As you master the exercises you will increase your ability to learn songs and harmonize in a way that previously would have been like another language
  • Fluid Reverberation Technique – A vocal agility allowing you to seamlessly go from high to low notes while singing without any voice breaks while giving you that smooth vocal quality very few possess.
  • Aural Tonality Conditioning – You’ll know how to avoid singing sharp or flat, how to build your mental ear, as well as achieving a good understanding of perfect pitch and relative pitch.
  • Octave Power Generator – Watch your range transform from strength to strength gaining that extra octave.
  • Nerve Recalibration Technique – This is the only way to overcome all of your fears and phobias, your negative thought patterns and your mental blocks to reach the highest levels of confidence possible. A method that works for virtually everyone who applies it!
  • Advanced Larynx Amplifier – These professional warm-ups will make you ready to unleash the full potential of your voice. Add volume and strength while still maintaining a good tone.
  • Bridged Vocalization – Blend your ‘two voices’ for ultimate vocal freedom.
  • The crucial differences between your chest voice and head voice. How to blend your two voices so you’ll have an entirely well-connected voice throughout your entire vocal range.
  • The Harmonic Acumen – Learn the secrets to becoming sensational at singing harmony. This will allow you to hear melodies and judge harmonies within the chords which will become second nature to you.
  • Fully understand time – honoured technical aspects of singing, such as: Time signatures, key signatures and rhythm, and fear not, we’ve made it easy for you to learn and implement them. This will give you singing supremacy regardless of whether you sing along to music, instrumentals or no music at all.
  • Solfege system’ and learning the differences between major and minor keys and scales. From there; reading music, picking up harmonies and learning new
  • Songs an absolute breeze. Even if you’ve never heard it before. This important method separates the pros from the amateurs, giving you a full understanding of music and how your singing voice works.
  • How to use your voice to produce multiple singing styles, be it rock, opera, jazz, musical theatre, pop and many others.
  • How to become a natural at singing different genres of music, even if you’re not familiar with the different genres.
  • Become a master at communicating the meanings of songs and being in touch with your emotional side when delivering a soulful performance.
  • How to make your dreams and visions of being a singer a reality, whether you want to perform in a choir, musical theatre or get professional recording contract.
  • Learn what to look for when choosing the right band members to accentuate your strengths as a singer.
  • How to write your first song and make it memorable, fun and of high quality

Course include in Singorama 2.0:

  • 28 dynamic vocal training audio modules.
  • All vocal exercises as bonus tracks
  • Three original Singorama 2.0 songs you’ll be able to rehearse on
  • Bonus software
  • Singorama 2.0 e-books and programing tool             

Buying Singorama 2.0:

Only for today The singorama 2.0 system including all the added tools is only $67 its limited period only  click the link ” “and start order today, The product has 100 % 60 days money back guarantee. In case you are not satisfied with the service and attention no problem you can just send an email and you will get refund of your payment with no question asked


Along with singorama 2.0 you will get three following bonuses

  • Perfect your pitch pro-You will be receiving true ground breaking technology, this is designed to help you advance you singing talent, this technology is tune you ear and voice to itch perfection, the technique is designed to train the ear to hear all 36 notes on the chromatic scale. While practicing pitch the results you will get significantly improve your singing voice in very short amount of time. The actual software is vauled$97, but now it’s free to singorama 2.0 members
  • Singorama 2.0 mini-recording studio: This is software is designed to allow you to record, listen, evaluate and chart your progress on your way to singing mastery. The virtual keyboard is excellent for practicing your scales and pinpointing your weaknesses that need work.
  • The Ultimate Guide on How to Read Music: The actual cost of this is valued at $47, but now it’s free for a limited time. As a singer, it becomes a huge advantage if you have the ability to also read music. This easy-to-read, yet in depth guide will increase your understanding of music and greatly enhance your ability to sing like a professional.

The Singorama 2.0 System is like having a decade of world class singing coaching experience in the palm of your hand. It’s designed to help you easily progress each stepof the way


  • 100 % 60-days money back guarantee
  • All the techniques been taught in proper way
  • Singorama 2.0 is set up well and structured in a manner, that everyone with no experience in singing can complete the course
  • Easy to use, just download the audios to your smartphone or i-pod and practice everywhere you want.
  • Great array of useful software
  • Fair pricing $ 67 for a complete singing course is almost unbeatable, compared to similar products on the market.
  • Singorama 2.0 covers vocal technique, breathing, musical theory, auditioning, singing on stage
  • Setting realistic goals, interpreting and song writing
  • Additional bonus software for ear training and audio recording
  • Singorama 2.0 makes no false promises. You are advised to keep up the work and set realistic goals.
  • A well-researched course filled with loads of practical information you can put to use straight away.
  • It gives you satisfaction and purpose
  • It enriches your social life and ‘opens chance’ to new opportunities
  • And it’s a great ‘ice breaker’ for making new friends at your local choir or karaoke bar.


  • No cons, the product will step by step techniques, exercises and direction the way you sing

Final Conclusion:

Vocal tuning calisthenics formulated to help you strength your vocal muscles and also improve pitch issues create a smooth tone and give you so much more control without any cracks or breaks, It is 100 safe  and structured to get result fast. It can easily copy it onto your phone, tablet, desktop, laptop or cloud.Try out the system for a full 60 days with absolutely no risk you don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on a vocal coach Singorama 2.0 is definitely worth is available low price just $67 that can lay the foundation for further vocal development.


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