Sacred Sound Healing System Review

Sound treatment is increasingly gaining international recognition as an integral part of the treatment process for cancer patients. It is also effective in relieving pain and in treating stress related troubles such as chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, insomnia, pain and depression. Major medical education institutions such as Duke University and the University of North Carolina have added programs that link body / mind and soul to cancer treatment. Cancer prevention centers use sound as an essential part of the treatment process for patients with surprising results.

I, like many healers, recognize that illness is a manifestation of anorexia in the body; Imbalance in cells or a given organ and this treatment can be achieved by restoring normal vibratory frequencies of the deharmonic and deharmonic parts of the body. Vibration treatment, especially with sound, allows the body to adjust its normal vibration frequency. Is an effective way to restore ”.

What is Sacred Sound Healing System?

All matter is energy that vibrates at different rates and by changing the rate of vibration we can change the structure of matter. In this case, the healing process is initiated by training our brain waves and creating a sympathetic resonance with the correct vibration of the bowl. When we add intention to frequency, the likelihood of treatment increases even more. This intention may be through prayer, song and even silent meditation, but it is best to declare it audibly.

Another way of saying this is that the ground state of the universe is a state of complete harmony. Our basic condition, because we are part of the natural universe, is also harmony and great ease. When we break away from our baseline state through stress, distraction, illness, and the challenges of everyday life, it produces disease: spiritual, physical, and mental. The sound of the Tibetan bowl slowly brings us back to our natural state of peace and alignment.

The director of medical oncology and integrative medicine at Cornell Cancer Prevention Center in New York City, Drs. Michel Gaynor used sound in his work, including Tibetan bowls, crystal bowls, and singing. Cancer patients for many years. “If we accept that sound is a vibration and we know that vibration touches every part of our physical part, then we understand that sound is not only through our ears but through every cell of our body Is heard. The reason why sound is okay on a physical level is because it touches us and changes us so deeply emotionally and spiritually. Sound can correct imbalances at all levels of bodily functions and play a positive role in healing. Virtually all medical conditions. “

How Does Sacred Sound Healing System Work?

According to an article in the journal Spirituality and Health, Drs. Gnors’ research suggests that the sound vibrations of the bowl affect the rhythmic movement found in cancer cells and cause harmonious changes. In a blind study, they found that those who used bowls regularly and when bowls were used at an early stage of cancer during the patient’s consultation, the recovery time of chemo patients was 50% shorter. , Their anxiety and stress levels had reduced significantly.

Imagine that making a sound, thoughtful decision about your future will improve a stress-free and anxious environment. Also imagine how the ability to repeatedly engage with this feeling of peace during the discomfort of chemotherapy enhances the quality of life of cancer patients.

Medical Director of Neurological Services at Sharp Cabrillo Hospital in San Diego and Medical Director of Chopra Center, Dr. Research by David Simon found that mantras were chemically metabolized chemically in the form of. is done. As an internal analgesic and healing agent.

In my own research on sound using a biofeedback tool, I have found that the harmonics produced by Himalayan (Tibetan) singing bowls have transformative potentials (brain activity, heart rate) and body temperature decreased during the session) to the brain. Energetically creates a deeply peaceful state.

Advantages of Sacred Sound Healing System

Biofeedback is a scientifically valid measuring device used to help individuals gain voluntary control over many functions of the autonomic nervous system. Research has shown that when breathing and heart rate are synchronized, it produces a resonant frequency in the body (similar to the resonance produced by the Tibetan bowl). It is extremely beneficial for the heart and the whole body. Stress, pain, and many other disorders are estimated by whether a person has a cardio-respiratory solstice. During the Tibetan Bowl Sound Therapy sessions, cardiopulmonary synchrony increased dramatically, as measured by the J&J engineered biofeedback instrument. The data showed that during sound therapy sessions, parasympathetic nervous system activity increased and sympathetic nervous system control decreased. The relaxation response was initiated and the stress response interrupted. This means that the autonomic nervous system has been balanced for the majority of the session. The resonance of the bowl produced a slow breathing of about six breaths per minute which produces beneficial effects on the heart and the whole body.

These results are promising because Tibetan bowl sound therapy increases cardio-respiratory synchronization and resonance in the body. Therefore, there are many disorders that can benefit greatly from the use of Tibetan bowl sound therapy.

My clients have supported scientific findings with reports of pain and discomfort relief, sinus drainage, out of depression, ability to sleep (for people suffering from insomnia), revitalization and clarity, sense of well-being, great contact and deepening Personal change. Clients reported a fundamental shift in their attitudes about the location of the event, increased clarity of mind and body, increased creativity, enthusiasm, joy and a sense of peace. “

Benefits of The Sacred Sound Healing System Audio

The Himalayan or Tibetan singing bowl is attributed to the shameful tradition of Bon which has been related to Buddhism for thousands of years. Dr. Gaynor mentions in an article in Shemons Drum magazine that sound (and lyrics) are still used in shame cultures, that sound induces healing states of consciousness. Ancient Himalayan bowls are made of a time-honored seven-metal alloy that, when skillfully stirred, produces five individual and simultaneous tones, each at its own consistent frequency, which dance in vibrancy with each other. Raw materials were collected, melted and purified, poured, heated and inscribed in shape and tone. Mantras or sacred mantras were chanted and offered in bowls. Their sound synchronizes sensitive brain waves and produces a therapeutic effect on the attainment of the mind / body. .

Singing bowls produce the staple sound of “AUM”: the basic statement of energy metamorphosing in matter. They modify space, soul and time; Awaken cellular memory and heal the energy body. Listening to their breathtaking meanings effectively closes the internal dialogue, “Monkey Mind”. The individual is transported to a place of peace and balance where “universal compromise” is found, touched, joined and understood in each of them. The neurological services therapy at Sharp Cabrillo Hospital in San Diego Director and Medical Director of Chopra Center, Dr. Research by David Simon found that mantras were chemically metabolized chemically in the form is done. As an internal analgesic and healing agent.

How does The Sacred Sound Healing System Ebook Works?

In my own research on sound using a biofeedback tool, I have found that the harmonics produced by Himalayan (Tibetan) singing bowls have transformative potentials (brain activity, heart rate) and body temperature decreased during the session) to the brain. Energetically creates a deeply peaceful state.

Last month I went to the Sheffield ME group to run a sound treatment workshop. Sound healing was an important part of my own recovery journey, and I like to share it with other people.

How does sound treatment work? Everything in the universe vibrates – the chair you sit on, you, the plants in your room, etc. We all have a different vibration of our own. Sound treatment uses this by bringing in bright, positive vibrations – and when we hear those vibrations, we “train” in the positive, becoming more balanced and therefore better.

Sometimes we find that by toning these beautiful sounds, a tingling sound comes out, or we cough, or even we feel in tears. This is simply the release of old stuck energy – and the release of this leads to greater balance in the energy field, which then leads to healing of the physical body.

What Customer Says About The Sacred Sound Healing System Book

My own journey has been deep with sound healing. Before I got sick with CFS / ME, I loved to sing by myself and listen to music – but neither was really important to me. Then when I got sick there was a long time that I could not listen to music at all because it made me tired.

I think sound therapy has been particularly strong for me (and other people who think a lot) because it bypasses the logical mind very easily. Often when we fix our mind we can initially resist this process. With sound treatment, the vibration goes directly into the energy that is ready to be released, literally bypassing any objections or resistance from the conscious mind.

When I started releasing energy stuck with sound healing, I became more aware of my love of singing. The sound healing process unlocks the ability for “my” songs (which I had no idea I was!), My connection to music and sound – and my confidence as well. Today I am fond of singing and sharing my voice with other people.

And I think it can be very empowering and cool to discover your voice in the world. For me, it’s as if learning to sing and express myself more with parallel sounds allows me to express myself more commonly in my life – by communicating the work of healing that I do to people and discovering I do What is it on deeper and deeper levels. I find happiness in my life.

The Sacred Sound Healing System Testimonials

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The last thing is that sound therapy and voice work is fun! It’s not about the sound you make – it’s more of a simple joy in making sounds and connecting with other people. There is a story I like to tell about the monks who decided to stop their morning songs because it wasn’t “serious” enough, and they replaced it with a more obviously more serious practice. When he did this, the monks gradually became less happy and fell ill several times. The reproduction of the singing made him happier and better himself.

Healing at home is something everyone can do and is really easy once you understand and know what you are doing. There are many different methods you can use, as it is not all one set in stone process that works for everyone. I am going to give you some areas to start with today to get you on your own healing pathway in life. These are easy things to do that almost anyone can do right after they finish reading the article!

Affirmation Healing: This is one that is very simple and extremely easy to do. You simply work with positive affirmations to shift your subconscious programming to a positive mind-set. This takes about 21 days for one to shift here, however in the grand scheme of things 21 days is a drop in the bucket. You want to work with positive wording as well for your affirmations and in the present tense. For example, you can say “I am worthy of love” if you are working on a self-love issue or receive loving from others. It is about forming it in a positive mind-set and present tense. Repeat daily (3 times a day) for 21 days.

Final Verdict For The Sacred Sound Healing System Video

Prayer Healing: Prayer healing is simply working with prayers to boost the energy flow for your healing work. Simple enough right? It is a combination of prayer work and asking for healing help for a particular issue in your life. Prayer healing work can be done twice a day (morning and evening) and best in a quiet room. Prayer healing work can take longer to manifest, however it is very easy to use. Here is an example of a Financial Prayer to get you started so you can see how you can formulate a healing prayer:

Financial Healing Prayer: I ask for guidance and healing during my prayer/meditation session. I call upon the Universe/Divine Spirit/God/Ascended Masters/Angel Realm to help me heal all financial issues I have in my life and allow for positive healing energy to come forth for this healing process. I am open to removing any blockages and issues that are holding me back and to heal all areas in this process. I acknowledge these issues and allow and stay open to receiving positive financial and money energy flowing into my life in a positive way.

Crystal Healing: Crystal healing is all about working with the vibrational levels of crystals and their healing properties. For example, if you want to boost the abundance energy flow for your home or office you can create an Emerald gem elixir with charged healing water and mist the surrounding areas once a day to shift the vibrational level of the energy flow. Crystal healing can help in all emotional, mental, physical, spiritual and energetic issues. When working with crystals for healing energy it is about finding the one’s that resonate for your energy, as many crystals can help with crystal healing for abundance issues, however certain one’s help more than other’s for their vibrational levels. Then you have to work with these to find the one’s that resonate best for your own energy fields. Emerald’s are good one’s to start with for abundance energy flow for a home, office or other area you want to boost the energy flow.

Energy Healing: Energy healing is all about working with balancing the energy flow, removing problems, creating positive healing energy and allowing the vibrational level for the person and their energetic make-up to increase. This is something you can even learn to do on your own by working with different energy formats. A very basic one to start with is Usui Reiki, as this is a very general healing Reiki format that many people start with for their own healing energy. You can also work with very specific energy modalities that are more customized for their healing vibrational levels, such as protection energy formats for protection healing and so on. Energy healing is about finding the root cause of the issue, not just treating the symptoms of the issue, and then working on removing this, balancing the energy flow and healing the area completely.

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There are many other healing methods you can work with, as these are just some of the ones I have listed here for you today. Other one’s you can check into are angelic healing, color therapy, divine source healing, herbal healing, nature healing, sound healing and many more! It is about finding what resonates for your own energy and what you want to work with to heal issues on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. This is how things will all balance out on an energetic level for your energy fields!

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