Resurge Supplement Review


What is Resurge?

Resurge supplement is a weight loss pill which helps to fight against the effects of aging, improve overall health and boost up the restful  sleep patterns and is being advertised by its manufacturer as a healthy and effective supplement.

It depends on natural ingredients that encourage your body to lose the extra fat from the inside out. Hence, it gives you the natural boost that you need for effective weight loss.

This vegetarian supplement is also safe to take. A lot of research has gone into its study and preparation, in favour of the pill’s originality.  It works by optimizing your metabolism functioning, which encourage fat melting and it supports your weight reduction goals. An active metabolism also increases your energy levels, so that is another added plus of using this solution.

The Creator of Resurge:

John Barban, a fitness instructor and coach is the man behind Resurge pills. John has been working on a few out of the box weight loss programs and supplements just after receiving his degree in human biology.

The need for creating a unique supplement came from his observation of redundant products in the industry. Most weight loss products frankly contained identical ingredients and were just being packaged differently.

For a change, John has brought a different approach to weight supplements. For starters, this principal focus on building a name for himself instead of getting instant money gains.

Moreover, Barban has previously worked with an array of top brands like Muscletech and Nutraceuticals, among others. Having a legible experience and industry knowledge has definitely helped create an effective product.

The Ingredients of Resurge:

The first thing we noticed upon analysing the contents of Resurge was the usage of entirely organic ingredients. Here are the ingredients you’ll find in your supply of Resurge:

  1. Magnesium: Itaids sleep quality and also helps reduce anxiety.
  2. Zinc: It naturally boosts the immunity of the body and encourages muscle growth. Better development of muscles ensures faster fat burn too.
  3. Ashwagandha Root Extract: The ayurvedic ingredient is a credible stress reliever and you’ll find it in a group of herbal medicines and also it helps to regulate blood sugars.
  4. Hydroxytryptophan:  It works on sleeping patterns and can fix your irregular sleep.
  5. L-Theanine: It helpsto reduce stress, anxiety and also improves the cognitive responses along with your brain function and flush out harmful toxins.
  6. Arginine: Ithelps to boost immunity and it is also related to increased libido and better physical performance.
  7. Lysine: It’s related more to improving your brain function and reducing stress. Lysine boosts serotonin levels in the body, which directly reduces stress. Along with Arginine, Lysine improves nutrient absorption in the body.
  8. Melatonin: Itworks on the crux of the issue and helps treat sleep disorders.

How does Resurge Capsules work?

Resurge pills have a simple aim which is to accelerate your metabolic functioning. The human body undergoes a process called metabolic regeneration in the deep sleep phase. This lazy metabolism fails to burn fat at a suitable rate, which is leads to weight gain in the first place as well as causes all the difficulty in shedding the extra pounds.

Here it repairs vital tissues, flushes out all the toxins, and regenerates the brain cells. When we experience disturbance in a deep sleep, the body produces cortisol.
Cortisol or the stress hormone reduces leptin in the body and leads to a slower metabolism. The ingredients of Resurge thus pay special attention to sleep quality apart from boosting metabolism.

To solve this problem, this supplement works to speed up your metabolism to its best. This encourages weight loss as your body starts burning fat naturally. Slowly these fat melt, you will start seeing an improvement in your weight within a few weeks.

The optimally operating metabolism also leaves you more active. Fat melting also improves your energy levels, which you can count as another benefit of an active metabolism, thanks to this supplement.

Features of Resurge Supplement:

Resurge supplement for weight loss shows some interesting features which make it worth the investment. Here is a quick look at what makes this product unique:

● It is vegetarian, which is good news for those concerned. It confirms they can have it too. Plus, the formula is non-GMO.

● It is convenient to use. The credit for this goes to the capsule composition of this supplement. This means that the formula is available in the form of pills, which are easy to take since they don’t require any investment from your end.

● The formula is well-researched in advance. Each of its ingredients is well studied for its safe usage, success, and the role it plays in improving your health and metabolic well-being.

● The solution is from professionals. It is not from amateurs which is proven by the fact that the supplement is completely researched and follows all protocols of being formulated in strict and sterile conditions.

How to use it?

You can make Resurge pills a part of your routine without any trouble as you have no recipe to follow or exercise to do. You simply have to take the capsules with water as mentioned in the product’s guidelines.  You have to take four pills a day, which can be challenging to follow for a few users.

Since most ingredients are in small amounts, you must take all the four pills daily to achieve results. Please only purchase and use this supplement after consulting a professional. Following people cannot use this supplement:

• Those who are already on medications
• Those who have health problems such as diabetes or cardiovascular disease
• Pregnant and nursing mothers

For further details regarding use, please read the product’s label. Regular use is important for best results so do not forget to take your dose.

Benefits of Resurge Supplement:

  1. It can naturally fix troubling sleep figure
  2. You can easily reduce your belly fat without any exercise or any diet.
  3. It will change your overall health for good.
  4. It helps to maintain your cholesterol, blood pressure and sugar level.
  5. It is a tried and tested product
  6. It is affordable in price
  7. Very easy and convenient to use
  8. It shows results in a few weeks of usage
  9. It doesn’t have any side effects
  10.  It is made of natural ingredients
  11.  Approved by FDA
  12.  60-day money back guarantee, if you are not satisfied with the results

Cons of Resurge Supplement:

  1. It required consistent usage for at least 1 month to get good and perfect results.
  2. The results may vary for different people.
  3. Consult doctor if you are pregnant, medication and any other health issue.

Buying and cost of Resurge Supplement:

The Resurge supplement is available to buy only at official website: Resurge supplement is available in different deals, which gives you the flexibility to pick and choose the package and quantity which you need and your budget requirements. Your available options are:

  • 1 bottle for $49. This is currently a discounted price.
  • A trio pack of the supplement for a price of $39 each. This brings the total to $117 instead.
  • Six months bulk stock of the supplement with six bottles each for $34 only. This deal gives you the best discount.

A good news is that there is a money back guarantee in place for 60 days. So, if you’re not happy with this product or the results, you can have your money back within about two months of placing your order. Once you requests for refunds are received, you get your money back within 48 hours.


Resurge supplement is a weight loss pill which helps to lose the extra fat and fight against the effects of aging, improve overall health and boost up the restful  sleep patterns and is being advertised by its manufacturer as a healthy and effective supplement.

Hence, it gives you the natural boost that you need for effective weight loss. Those who are taking medication or pregnant or suffering from any medical problem should consult with doctor.

Resurge is perfectly safe to use the supplement and enjoy deep sleep benefits. This supplement comes with highly recommended for use in providing better sleep, boosting weight loss through the natural fat lose process and reduce the stress level which comes from nutrients balanced. Also, it is proven scientifically and effective.

It’s worth a try unless you have a significant sleeping problem. Don’t forget to work out harder and regulate your diet for the best results. The formula is packed with natural ingredients only, which makes it a safe choice. You only need to have it with water and you are all set. There is nothing else that is needed from your end.


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